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The Danielle Michels- Sage Floral Tiered Sleeveless Dress
The Danielle Michels- Sage Floral Tiered Sleeveless Dress
The Danielle Michels- Sage Floral Tiered Sleeveless Dress
The Danielle Michels- Sage Floral Tiered Sleeveless Dress
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The Danielle Michels- Sage Floral Tiered Sleeveless Dress

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    The Danielle Michels- Sage Floral Tiered Sleeveless Dress


    Her soul is a meadow made of flowers.

    Like a stroll throw a meadow filled with an endless view of flowers in all directions, she has this sense of tranquility about her. As you walk through the fields, your hands reaching out gliding over the flowers and your feet ruffling the grass, you find yourself clothed in warmth, sunlight, and this overwhelming feeling of happiness.

    She is the food and medicine that pours love and life into the heart and soul of others.

    Danielle Michels is the girl whose presence creates this yearn for deeper connection in others, who grows this desire within us to connect to ourselves, each other, and the natural world in more meaningful ways. We find ourselves in space of reflection. Like the flowers in the field moving like a wave when a breeze hits, we find ourselves washed over with the feelings of appreciation and wholeness with the universe.

    Her warm and kind nature is like a sunbath that makes it possible for people to truly blossom.

    As if sitting on the front porch or having tea in the garden, she’s the girl you can turn to when you need to talk about life, from the big questions of are we really the only ones in the universe to how can I be a better friend or how do I face someone after something terrible has happened or been said, Daniella Michels’ is the girl who always seems to have the right answers.

    Like flowers, wherever she blooms she spreads hope.

    Danielle Michels can transform everyday life into a special occasion. She may have a serene effect on the world with her presence, but she also has this loving and lighthearted touch that makes us feel good from the inside out as if we are flocking and dancing through the field because life isn’t meant to be taken too seriously and we should seize the carefree moments that make us joyful.

    Like a basket full of freshly picked flowers from a field, she makes life feel more bountiful. We can all be girls surrounded by beautiful fields of flowers, soaking in the warmth of the sun, washed over the waves of the breeze, filled with floral scents that make us feel feminine, beautiful, and joyful when we wear our Danielle Michels floral uplifting dress.  



    Floral printed woven tiered sleeveless sage-colored dress. V-neckline. Tiered detail. Woven fabric. Unlined.


    100%. Polyester.


    Model is wearing size Medium. Height is 5’1”



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    the mint sweater boutique- danielle michels- sage floral sleeveless dress- tiered detail

    Measurement Notes: 

    All measurements taken with garment laying flat on a tabletop. Length measurement is taken from lowest part of v-neckline to hem.