About our Company


The Mint Sweater is a lifestyle blog, boutique, community.

Our boutique is a shop full of our very own designs and creations from The Mint Sweater founder, Marnie, and team along with a curated collection of beautifully hand picked items from other vendors and local + afar small business owners. 

We have fully customized our shop to provide a sensory sensitive experience, meaning...no matter how introverted or how sensitive to materials, colors, smells you are, our shop will hit all your quirks in the right place. We strive for pleasant and enjoyable in all ways, small and big.

Along with a fun space to get outfit ideas and inspiration, we've designed this shop to help you curate and put together an entire 'fit from top to bottom with ease. We know the struggles of having one piece you love, but can't find anything to go along with it OR you just feel you don't have the fashion stylist gene- you don't have to here! We've put together a shop full of items that are easily paired with one another throughout the entire shop!

The Mint Sweater is all about helping the every day girl find her voice whether that be through our blog or through fashion or community. We gotchu covered in all areas of your life. 


Our mission is-

"To pamper the everyday girl so she can feel effortlessly beautiful in being undeniably herself and embracing her roots as a girl who wears whatever she wants because it makes her happy, show her she can dress herself as if every outfit is her statement to the world and that every piece restores her voice to declare who she is, and create a path for her to decorate her life like a party thrown just for her; to be her one-stop shop for happiness, comfort, and a dose of confidence."


Whilst most businesses were formed on accident...not The Mint Sweater. 


Every little piece of The Mint Sweater was built with intention and purpose and most of all heart. 


What began as just a blog has now evolved into a lifestyle.


A lifestyle based upon creating a life you love, living life as you once did as a little girl where you woke up every day believing in the endless possibilities you could make happen for yourself, completely unstoppable not letting anyone tell you that you couldn't do something, and most importantly fully open to letting yourself have fun. The kind of fun that gave you belly aching laughter, that heart-pounding thrill, and a this is what life is all about radiance.


Everything we do is based on inspiring and guiding young women all over the world to build this kind of life for themselves.


From finding genuine long lasting friendships to improving their mental health, finding fulfillment and purpose, seeking adventure, and even discovering her style that changes clothes into a form of expression.


We are here.

 We are here fighting for the everyday girl. 

We are here to help YOU find your happiness.

And that, my sweet friend, is The Mint Sweater.



The Mint Sweater is female founded and operated by boss babe Marnie Dashwood.

She started blogging in 2016 and soon realized blogging about herself and her life didn't seem like quite the perfect fit. You'd think after knowing your whole life that you don't like being the center of attention would be a huge clue, but it wasn't until after attending creative conferences did Marnie realize what it was that she truly wanted and what she needed to change. 

A year later Marnie pivoted her business from personal blogging to the start of The Mint Sweater Company, a business all about serving and representing the women she wanted to serve through the business. 

And a year after that, she opened and launched The Mint Sweater Shop. 

Whats even better is history itself is still being written to this day and you are now a part of it, and we're so glad you're here. 




Marnie + The Mint Sweater Team.