About Our Company

The Mint Sweater:

The Mint Sweater is a lifestyle blog, boutique, community, and resource for the everyday girl struggling to figure out who she is, what she wants, and where her place in this world is by providing her with the tools she needs to equip and inspire her to build a fulfilling and purposeful life for herself.

Our Purpose:

To show the world that The Mint Sweater is making a statement:
"That we are creating a new path to a new trend where girls are discovering their confidence to be radically themselves, restoring the meaning of friendship, and having the fun and party of their life because they deserve it."

Our Boutique:

The Mint Sweater Boutique is our way of being the perfect one-stop shop for the Mint Sweater Girl to dress, decorate, and express herself and her world to restore her voice on her journey to declare to the world who she really is. 
Our shop is for everyday girl out there looking to find her voice and find her happiness, free of judgments and the standards of society. 

We are here to remind her to dress how SHE wants to in what makes HER feel effortlessly beautiful. 

Our Boutique Mission:

"To pamper the everyday girl so she can feel effortlessly beautiful in being undeniably herself and embracing her roots as a girl who wears whatever she wants because it makes her happy, show her she can dress herself as if every outfit is her statement to the world and that every piece restores her voice to declare who she is, and create a path for her to decorate her life like a party thrown just for her; to be her one-stop shop for happiness, comfort, and a dose of confidence."

Our Story:

Whilst most businesses were formed on accident...not The Mint Sweater. 
Every little piece of The Mint Sweater was built with intention and purpose and most of all heart. 

What began as just a blog has now evolved into a lifestyle.

A lifestyle based upon creating a life you love, living life as you once did as a little girl where you woke up every day believing in the endless possibilities you could make happen for yourself, completely unstoppable not letting anyone tell you that you couldn't do something, and most importantly fully open to letting yourself have fun. The kind of fun that gave you belly aching laughter, that heart-pounding thrill, and a this is what life is all about radiance.

Everything we do is based on inspiring and guiding young women all over the world to build this kind of life for themselves.

From finding genuine long lasting friendships to improving their mental health, finding fulfillment and purpose, seeking adventure, and even discovering her style that changes clothes into a form of expression.

We are here.

We are here fighting for the everyday girl. ⁣

We are here to help YOU find your happiness.⁣

And that, my sweet friend, is The Mint Sweater.