The Mint Sweater Shop FAQ



1. Why the color mint?

Don't you mean, why NOT the color mint? Hey, we get it! Mint is our specialty, but really why mint?

Mint is actually our founder's favorite color since she was in high school. The original mint color was actually a paint from the hardware store called Mermaid Song. Since painting her childhood bedroom walls, the color mint has been a part of Marnie's, our founder, life in every way. 

Mint is more than just a beautiful color, it's the feeling you get when you see it, when you're surrounded by it. The color gives off an uplifting energy. While vibrant it doesn't come across as overwhelming. Mint is a happy color, but yet calming...almost serene. Mint gives you that "everything feels right, a sense of tranquility and peace of mind, a state of mind where you feel relaxed, free of worries, where you are completely calm, just being, enjoying" feeling. 

And that is why mint. <3

2. What's the difference between the boutique and the exclusive items?

The Mint Sweater is NOT just a boutique and it is NOT just a handmade product shop...it is a one of a kind boutique shop that carries personally hand-selected on brand clothing apparel along with other items such as graphic tees, prints, and mugs that have been personally designed by The Mint Sweater.

Our exclusive Mint Sweater items have been designed and created by The Mint Sweater and can only be found here at The Mint Sweater shop.

3. Who are the clothes named after?

Our founder and creator, Marnie, has personally named every item in our store.

After scrolling on social media only to see some negative remarks on how silly boutiques name their items with cute-sy cliche names, Marnie realized since she was opening her own boutique that she too would have to name the items. 

Not wanting her store to be just another store, she saw this as an opportunity to be different. She didn't want the names of the clothes she worked so hard to curate to be mundane, she wanted them to be special and meaningful, even if they were just temporary names of items in a store. 

After having this looming over her in the back of her head for days, she finally devised an idea that she wanted to name the items in her shop after the women in her life who have been a part of her journey, who have inspired her, encouraged her, and made an impact on her.

Each item in our shop is named after women who have been a part of Marnie's life. Each piece in our collection is named with a purpose and represents the many women who have made a difference in our journey.



1. What is your Return and/or Exchange Policy?

We got you boo. Returns are accepted within 14 calendar days for domestic, 30 calendar days for international, in which your item(s) was received. To learn more about our Return and Exchange Policy you can find our details here.

2. When will my order ship?

Is it here yet? is it here yet? Giiirl, we cannot wait to get your order in your hands too! All orders placed Monday-Thursday are processed and shipped within 3-4 business days, please note orders placed Friday-Sunday will be processed and shipped the following week during our regular business hours.

You will receive a confirmation email after you place your order with shipping details and to learn more about our Shipping, you can find our shipping information here.

If you need to contact us regarding your package please feel free to leave us a note on our contact page or email us at boutiquesupport@themintsweater.com.

3. Why is shipping so expensive?

We understand that shipping costs are not fun. We buy things online aaalll the time. We feel yah. As much as we do our best to keep our shipping costs as low as we can, please note that the shipping and handling fee covers so much more than the cost of shipping your item and covers our time and expenses to personally hand pack your item and send them on over to the post office. Some items and orders cost more to ship depending on weight. Most businesses, like us, actually lose money when covering costs and expenses of packaging and shipping to make sure we can keep our costs as low as possible for our customers. We appreciate your understanding in regards to our shipping costs.

4. Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide. 

5. I'm not in the US, am I responsible for any fees, duties, or taxes that incur when shipping to countries outside of the U.S.?

Yes. Different countries have different customs regulations. We can not control or determine what fees or shipping rates may apply and we are not responsible for paying these fees. 

6. I put in the wrong shipping address, how can I get it fixed?

If you need to change your information during checkout please contact us immediately at boutiquesupport@themintsweater.com, unfortunately once your order has been processed and shipped we will be unable to change your information. For more information on our process after your ordered has shipped please read our Shop Policy Page.


1. Do you offer any sales or discounts?

Oh girl you know we've been one of those people too who buys something full price and then the next day BAM, that stores has a flash sale....like are you kidding me?!

We are proud to say we aren't one of those stores. Our 10% off your first order discount is year-round and our only year-round discount code.

Our semi-annual warehouse sale will be the two times of year we will be offering our best deals.

At this time those are our only current discounts and sales we plan to be hosting, so we highly recommend if you see something you want to get your hands on it ASAP, with a peace of mind that we won't be offering a random flash sale the very next day. For more information on our sales and discounts be sure to join our Memo's list or follow us on social media.


1. When an item is sold out, will you be getting more in stock?

Eeek, did you miss out on an item? We are happy to report that our exclusive items, if in high demand, will be restocked when sold out. However, our boutique items are NOT guaranteed to be restocked. If a boutique item is sold out, we will do our best to restock the item if supplies last from our vendors. If our manufacturer discontinues an item we will not be able to restock the item. We apologize for the inconvenience and highly recommend if you have your eye on something to snag it while you can!

2. How often do you add new items to your shop?

We do our best to keep our shop fresh and fully stocked, adding new items as regularly as we can. Our boutique will launch seasonal collections each season of the year, and during these times is when you can expect the full new batch of items available. Be sure to be a member of our memo's list or follow us on social media to be the first to know when new items are aded. 


1. Do you offer plus sizes?

Yes, we currently carry sizing 1X - 3X. 

2. Where can I access the size charts?

You can get all the deets on our sizing on our Size Chart Page.

3. Do your items run true to size?

Due to the variety of items in our boutique and exclusive items, some items sizing runs differently than others. We do our best in each product description to explain the fit and size of each item and for more information on how an item fits you can read our Sizing Chart Paqe.  


Don't see your question here? Feel free to reach out to us and send us a note on our contact page or directly at boutiquesupport@themintsweater.com <3