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The Shanna Battle- Olive Button Front Romper- PLUS SIZE
The Shanna Battle- Olive Button Front Romper- PLUS SIZE
The Shanna Battle- Olive Button Front Romper- PLUS SIZE
The Shanna Battle- Olive Button Front Romper- PLUS SIZE
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The Shanna Battle- Olive Button Front Romper- PLUS SIZE

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    The Shanna Battle- Olive Button Front Romper 


    A woman whose spirit is as timeless and elegant as her style. 

    Like reminiscing on good times past, those nostalgic feelings that comes from seeing an old worn photo album, flipping through the pages, memories playing in your head that allow you to be reminded of all the good life has to offer. Of when walking through a thrift store, and realizing each piece, each item, has its own story and how we are only a portion of someone or somethings lifetime for their life sometimes carries on when ours doesn’t. This is thee girl with the essence of all the good feelings that come from past times; tradition, class, elegance with hints of precious and meaningful sentiments, a connection and trust that can only be built and cultivated beautifully over time, and rich history of wisdom, knowledge, and soul that can only be given through experience.

    Every past has a present, the Shanna Battle is the girl who encompasses the treasures of life’s past, but also the modern revolutionary and spirited ways of the present. The past is elegant and wise and meaningful, the present is about living right here, right now, being undeniably yourself and following your heart. We love the Shanna Battle girl because she is fearless in showing up as exactly herself. She shows the world who she is, she isn’t about holding back her truths or only showing the highlight reels. Being present means showing up right here, right now, as you are and living with a loving and courageous presence. The present is all about loving the old but accepting the new. Cherish the moments that have shaped you, but being open to shifts, pivots, and change. For the present is now the modern and revolutionary way, the way to take all the good of the old make some changes and tweaks adding more good, and moving on continuing to mold and grow.

    Timeless means taking all the good from the past, the present, and even what the future has in store and taking it all into one beautiful legacy. 

    The Shanna Battle girl is the girl who represents the hope and possibility of the future. The future can be exciting, full of unknowns. Looking forward allows people to have direction, dreams, drive. The future is all about seeing the fruition of our hard work, what comes from the changes made; it allows us to see the bigger pictures of all the pieces of our past and our present as they come together. Undefined, a mystery, the future is always an unanswered question that still yields the best parts of life, new sights, people, experiences- hope, opportunity, potential.

    A Shanna Battle girl is timeless in spirit and in style, for she is the girl who is everything that is elegant and wise, revolutionary- real and raw- open, and full of hope, dreams, and possibility. 



    Olive button front romper.


    100% Rayon.  


    Model is wearing size 1X. Her height is 5' 1".



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    the mint sweater boutique- shanna battle- olive button front romper- plus size

    Measurement Notes: All measurements are taken with the garment laying flat on a tabletop. Length measurement is taken from lowest part of v-neck on collar to hem. Straps are adjustable.